Allied Spies Chapter 9 Walkthrough

By | December 12, 2017

Allied Spies Chapter 9 Walkthrough how to solve factory location rope, character hop, bunker lights code, radioactive 3 4, questions, explosion puzzle – Help Ed and Marie Hamilton on a mission to smuggle two scientists out of Europe and find out who’s the traitor. Uncover the secrets of Adventure Escape: Allied Spies! Can you steal secrets from the Nazis and escape with your lives?
Adventure Escape: Allied Spies Escape game by Haiku Games

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Adventure Escape Allied Spies Chapter 9 Solution
pick up all the documents on the table
your goal in this puzzle is to use the string to draw 6 lines that show where the factory is
tap one of the symbols on the edge to select it
tap another symbol to place the string between the two symbols

now for the hop puzzle
your goal is to move the 4 characters to the top of the factory, drag a character to move them
a character can only move if they can hop over a soldier

enter the bunker, the 6 light from the left flashes once
so enter 6189 to open the bunker
when you try to enter it will turn on the alarm
get the metal strap from the light and use it to unlock the metal panel
when you look at the wires with the red light on, you can make out 4 groups of wires
enter 3214 to open the lock
you can see the numbers you are entering when the white light is on

now for the radioactive atom puzzle
your goal is to light up all 8 sections of the lock
enter 43334343 to complete the lock

answer major kressler question with these options : 2 – 4 – 1 – 3
then pick up the explosives on the ground near the ambassador

on the last explosion puzzle, you need to destroy all the pillars to bring down the factory
drag charges from the left onto the grid, then press the detonator at the top left to make them explode
follow the story for ending ~


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