Allied Spies Chapter 8 Walkthrough

By | December 12, 2017

Allied Spies Chapter 8 Walkthrough how to solve marie path, lock code, switchboard, alarm lights puzzle – Help Ed and Marie Hamilton on a mission to smuggle two scientists out of Europe and find out who’s the traitor. Uncover the secrets of Adventure Escape: Allied Spies! Can you steal secrets from the Nazis and escape with your lives?
Adventure Escape: Allied Spies Escape game by Haiku Games

video guide of allied spies chapter 8 cheat :

Adventure Escape Allied Spies Chapter 8 Solution
lead marie to the top right with the correct path
get the tweezers and tap the typewriter
observe the note under the flowerpot
add the numbers together to determine the code for the 6-digit lock
enter 54 68 82 to open the 6-digit lock
get the invisible ink

use the tweezers to pull out the piece of paper in the metal locker
take a closer look at the handcuff instructions
use the invisible ink to write a clue to ed on the confession on typewriter

speak to the ambassador in the next room
get the knockout drug from the metal locker and put it in the tea
give the tea to the ambassador and exit back to the starting room
get a switchboard key

use key to open the switchboard on the left
the goal of the puzzle is to connect the calls
there are 3 pairs of plugs
tap one plug to select it
tap it to connect it to a blinking light to hear where to connect the other plug

use the tweezers on kressler while he is distracted
your goal is to use the tweezers to pick up the key and lift it off the top of the screen
drag to move the tweezers

use key to open the skylight and escape
now you need to avoid the lights for alarm, use these path :
right – right – right – up – right – right – right
down – down – down – right – righ – down – down – right

get key from the open cell door and open 2nd door from left
enter the room


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