Elephant Rescue from Forest Walkthrough

By | September 12, 2015

Guide for Elephant Rescue from Forest Walkthrough Cheats Solutions – This escape game is a new point and click 189th escape game developed by GamesNovel.com
As forest ranger to rescue the elephant you will need to collect some key items, find it using codes, item and logic !

elephant rescue from forest solution
tap cat face in middle
go to middle where you can see bus
take alien face on bus
go to right until you can see skull with cabinet, take the skull
open cabinet drawer to get yellow mouse face

go to left where you can see elephant statue get the blue egg
open the hatch from elephant statue for green and red face
go to left and open right tree hatch for pig face
use the hand clue from bus to tap on the cactus doll :
left – right – left – right 2x – left
the ground hatch will open and you can get 2 face

go to right until you see big tree, get the alien face
go right and get white face

back to the bus and place all 4 face on the bus
take the pumpkin face

go to the elephant statue on left
place 4 faces on the slot to get key

use key to open barrel on right forest and get a crowbar
use crowbar to move left stone to get green heart and blue egg
back to the bus and use crowbar to move the stone for 2 eggs
use crowbar to open back side of the bus for shovel

go to the cactus doll and place all 4 blue eggs on left tree
get tiger face and paper clue with arrow :
up left – left – down

go to right where you can find big tree with box
place all 3 animal faces on box to get blue heart
back to the drawer on right and change the direction like paper clue
get alien face and key

use key on top left stone for box T20
dig right ground with shovel to get red and purple heart
place all hearts on T 20 box
you will see paper with clue :
1 center
2 up
3 center
4 down
go to left where you can find 4 statue, change the head direction and get the box

back to tree with box, now place all 3 alien face on tree to get pumpkin face
look for barrel on forest and enter T20 on right box to get another paper clue :
sky – blood – leaf – sun = blue – red – green – yellow

go to first place with hand
enter the color on right box for paper clue : 743
enter the code on box to get pumpkin and wheel handle

back to big tree and place the wheel on right tree hole to get the ball
go to the gate door and put the ball on left hole to get key on right hole
back to 1st place and use key to open left box for pumpkin and paper clue


back to gate door and place all the pumpkin on the slider
read the paper clue for the pumpkin position :
o o o
o x o
o o x
x o o
the door will open and you can escape