HammerMan : get over this Android Walkthrough

By | January 5, 2018

HammerMan : get over this Android Walkthrough – Looking for Getting Over It in android ? well you can play this HammerMan get over this in google play ! it’s a man in a cauldron with a hammer with level 1 2 3 and different obstacles ! the worse thing is.. you can’t save checkpoint 🙁 so look the guide below !
HammerMan : get over this on Android devices

HammerMan : get over this Gameplay Video :

HammerMan : get over this Level 2 Walkthrough Video :

The World’s #1 hardest game


HammerMan is a punishing mountain climb with different obstacles that will be the most frustrating experience , Featuring a custom physics engine with animated rigid Body physics, getting over this is the most dynamic and frustrating mountain climbing experience ever created! , You move the hammer with Joystick, and that’s all there is. With time, you’ll be able to jump, swing, and climb,