How To Get Toad In Super Mario Run Walkthrough

By | December 20, 2016

Guide for How To Get Toad In Super Mario Run Walkthrough on iOS and Android device ! This resident of the mushroom kingdom faithfully serves princess peach with impressive speed. If you read the toad character hint : If you link a nintendo account, you can get him as a reward from my nintendo.
Super Mario Run By Nintendo Co., Ltd. on android and ios iphone

how to unlock toad in super mario run :
click on my nintendo “Link” button
you will see that if you link to a nintendo account :
– you’ll be OK even if your user data disappears
– you can make your player icon a Mii
– you can get characters and buildings only available from here

press “Link to Nintendo Account” and link your account
when you’re done, you will see a pop up of Mission Cleared ! you linked super mario run to a nintendo account!
press toad and “redeem” it

now go to the gift box and you can now play as toad after you receive it =)
Toad’s special ability : He is the fastest male character in the game


Super Mario Run Play as Toad iOS / Android Gameplay Walkthrough