Murder Inn Chapter 1 Walkthrough

By | December 25, 2017

Murder Inn Chapter 1 Walkthrough how to solve keypad code, memories of jay photo, menu food puzzle – Help Detective Kate Gray to search the inn and interrogate suspects to gather clues and find the culprit! Unravel the mystery of Adventure Escape: Murder Inn! Will you find the killer before they strike again?
Adventure Escape: Murder Inn Escape game by Haiku Games

video guide of murder inn chapter 1 cheat :

Adventure Escape Murder Inn Chapter 1 Solution
get the shovel on right and use it to open the door
count the number of letters SNOW on the sign
enter 6674

get the photo :
on the floor in front of the dog
on the floor to the bottom right of the fireplace
on the right sofa
under the table in the bottom left corner
on the left sofa under the cushion
under the sofa on the left
place them on the board under the dog

get blue chew toy on right sofa and give it to teh dog
open the drawer and get matches
use it on fireplace then lit the left candles
ring the bell on the desk in the top right

get 1st napkin from the tissue box on the floor
open the curtains and get 2nd napkin
get 3rd napkin from chandelier

open the cabinet in the kitchen and get fish bowl
use it on wine glass with fish in it
get the flower pot and use it on the wine glass above refrigerator
get key from coffee table and use it to unlock the cabinet net to refrigerator
obtain a wine glass

get a dish inside refrigerator
get the pot lid from the cabinet and use it on the pot on stove for dish
move the cushion on the armchair
get the dish under the cushion

place the 3 wine glasses 3 dishes 3 napkins on kitchen table
your goal is to put the correct item on each guests plate :
all beef hot dogs with mustard
cheese lasagna with meat sauce and parsley
extra cheesy baked potatoes
corn on the cob
steamed broccoli


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