Murder Inn Chapter 4 Walkthrough

By | December 25, 2017

Murder Inn Chapter 4 Walkthrough how to solve remote code, display case miniatures, mouse video game puzzle – Help Detective Kate Gray to search the inn and interrogate suspects to gather clues and find the culprit! Unravel the mystery of Adventure Escape: Murder Inn! Will you find the killer before they strike again?
Adventure Escape: Murder Inn Escape game by Haiku Games

video guide of murder inn chapter 4 cheat :

Adventure Escape Murder Inn Chapter 4 Solution
tap on the potted plant on the floor to move it
get the key and use it to open the locked cabinet in the corner
get binoculars on the window to zoom in on the ski chairs
there are numbers on chairs
look at the number of fruit to order to put the numbers in order
enter 3795 in remote control

look at the 9×9 cabinet on the left in the attic
there are 9 toys, you can only have 1 toy rune in each row / column
you can also only have 1 of each rune in each 3×3 box

from left to right – top to bottom row :
teddy bear – doll – teacup – bird – chair – car- shoe – bucket – cake
doll – teacup – teddy bear – cake – car – bird – bucket – chair – shoe

pick up christmas lights and video game controller
tap the teal blanket to the right of teddy bear
get key from 9×9 cabinet
use the sudoku key to open the locked luggage next to teddy bear
the guest book mentions 3 animals
jay’s shirts have numbers on them with animals
put the number of those animals in 3 digit lock to open the door
enter 9 2 5

look at jay’s trophy collection
set the clock to the numbers hidden in jay’s trophy collection
IV : X
obtain a small key

use key to open the white cabinet on floor
get the cartridge
move the red wrapping paper to the right of TV
use christmas lights on the video game system
put the cartridge + video game controller in the game system
tap on the TV to start the game

mirror mice game
your goals is to move the blue move to blue cheese and get high score
enter 2 4 0 to open the 3 digit lock in jay’s room from the high score

to open 8 digit lock you have to enter I SEE LIES
spell these with numbers
LOSE = 3707
SELL = 7735
these are upside down, so enter 5317 3351


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