none* Level 41 – 50 Answers

By | April 24, 2015

Solution for none* Level 41 – 50 Answers Game by RAIN Projects with puzzle logic explanation for each question – What is none* ? an out of the box riddle game.. no images, no music, no animation, no sound effects, no tips, just a keyboard and your imagination. Type the answer of the question, can you solve this none* RAIN Projects game answers for ios itunes and android google play?

none* level 41 : Red 1 Yellow 2 Green 3 Bron 4 Blues Pink6 Black 7 I Love This Game = Snooker
these are the values of each colored balls in snooker

none* level 42 : Before You Continue Read This Text First Its Very Important But 1 Guess You Know That Is Hard To Read This Text The Right Way = Bright
these are code called acrostic, pick the first letter on each row

none* level 43 : J F M A M J J A S O N _ O T T F F S S E N _ M T W T F S = DTS
1st row is month, 2nd row is numbers, and the 3rd row is week days = December – Ten – Sunday

none* level 44 : 14 February – Valets = Nine
14 February = Valentine so find the missing letters valentine – valets = nine

none* level 45 : Up 384 403 Down 20000 = Julesverne
numbers from Jules Verne books


none* level 46 : Now The Hungry Lion Roars And The Wolf Behowls The Moon Whilst The Heavy Ploughman Snores = Wisdom
1st-2nd-3rd numbers = row – word – letter, find the correct letters from the words

none* level 47 : Avles Al Ed Yer = Lion
reverse the letters to get “El Rey de la Selva” which translates from Spanish to “King of the jungle” which is the lion

none* level 48 : XXI VII MCMLXIX = Moonlanding or Moon
roman numerals XXI VII MCMLXIX = 21-07-1969 which is the date when Neil A. Armstrong walked on the moon surface

none* level 49 : NY 3,14 = Applepie
NY = New York also know as the Big Apple and 3,14 is pi

none* level 50 : oooOoooo = Mars
the circle is planet, the big one is mars in the order of solar system


No one really knows what none* game is about. “An out of the box riddle game” – anonymous user, you can return to all none* answers and solve the easy or hard question.