Rebus Absurd Logic Game Level 3 Answers

By | April 2, 2015

Cheats for Jutiful App Rebus Absurd Logic Game Level 3 Answers with picture explanation to find the correct word from the puzzle images. We know that some of the pic hint could easily represent inapropriate words, so if you’re looking for the correct jutiful game rebus solutions then find all of the guide here for ios itunes and android google play.

Rebus Absurd Logic Game Level 3 Walkthrough
Level 3-1 : Rebus Pin on K = Pink
Level 3-2 : Rebus Green car and R smoke = Career
Level 3-3 : Rebus Upside down 10 = Net
Level 3-4 : Rebus Fish, bird, onion and orange = Food
Level 3-5 : Rebus 5 NISNIS = Tennis
Level 3-6 : Rebus Big red L on don = London
Level 3-7 : Rebus Yellow Bell and blue Y ribbon = Belly
Level 3-8 : Rebus G and Seal = Sealing



This app is really fun and make you think differently about things from the picture, you can return to all Rebus Absurd Logic Game Answers and solve rebus puzzle that will make a pleasant snap in your head.