Summertime Saga Varifocal Lenses Walkthrough

By | April 20, 2018

Guide where to find Summertime Saga Varifocal Lenses Walkthrough ! one of miss okita quest in science classroom is to find Varifocal lenses. She need it to build okitatron oculars and you need to find some components.. a pair of lenses, specifically Varifocal lenses, a lense with two different prescriptions; a top and a bottom.

so how to get varifocal lenses in summertime saga ? here are the steps :
search for judith in SCHOOL LEFT HALLWAY and ask for glasses
she will ask for a trade to take a couple pictures of you and her together

go to the PARK in afternoon and talk to judith
after you take a photo with her, she will tell you that she keep the lens at her locker school

back to the school and go into MRS SMITH’S OFFICE (principal)
look inside the desk for key

go to SCHOOL LEFT HALLWAY and use the master key to open judith’s locker
obtain the glasses and go to SCIENCE CLASSROOM
give the glasses to miss okita

If you FAILED to build the X-Ray glasses then you need to work on your intelligence
go home and play maze runner on your computer
use the arrow keys to move and A S D to kill the matching monsters


when you’re done, enjoy the okitatron oculars =) wink wink