Super Mario Run Yellow And Blue Toads Walkthrough

By | December 19, 2016

Guide for Super Mario Run Yellow And Blue Toads Walkthrough on iOS and Android device ! how to get blue and yellow toad in super mario run ? To unlock secret characters in super mario run like Yoshi and Toadette, you will need yellow and blue colored toads.
Super Mario Run By Nintendo Co., Ltd. on android and ios iphone

how to get yellow and blue toad in super mario run ?
First you need to purchase the full game to unlock all 6 worlds in this game, then you need to make progress in the main Tour mode. Complete the second world in Tour mode and you will receive a notification that more stages have been added to Rally.
Get some Rally Tickets, go to the Toad Rally and beat opponents in toad races to win new colored blue and yellow Toads to your kingdom.

choose your opponent with these blue and yellow toads included, then after you beat them.. you will see the rewards of the colored toad !


Super Mario Run Toad Rally Race Gameplay Walkthrough

Toad rally is a mode where you compete against the gameplay data and scores of other players. You can earn coins and convince Toads to join the mushroom kingdom by scoring better than your opponent !