Take out 5 Piranha Plants Mario Kart Tour

By | November 15, 2019

Take out 5 Piranha Plants Mario Kart Tour

Do you know how to find piranha plant in mario kart tour ? which stage that have this thing available ? well find out where to take out piranha plant here to finish the tour challenge 🙂
Nintendo Mobile Mario Kart Tour on iOS and Android devices

There are 3 stage that you can find Piranha Plant easily :
1. Choco Island
2. Yoshi Circuit
3. Paris Promanade

on choco island you can find piranha plant all over the place and this is the easiest one, because all you need to do it hit it with your driver and it will count !
you can also hit piranha plants on the side one using items like green shell, red shell, bob-omb and any items that can make a hit

on yoshi circuit, there’s a shortcut of wooden board with picture of piranha plants… go pass through them using mushroom or just destroy it with items then it will count as take out piranha plant
when you break it, you will see “Wooden Cutout” pop out on right

for the giant piranha plant on paris promanade, yoshi circuit and other circuit that you can find this plants
use frenzy then hit the plants or just use bob-omb and shells to make them paralyzed then it will count !

GOOD Luck ! i hope this guide help you finish the challenge 🙂


take out 5 piranha plants mario kart tour