The Guides Axiom Walkthrough

By | September 8, 2017

Cheat for The Guides Axiom Walkthrough how to solve the The Guides Axiom puzzle code and interactive ciphers to challenge your wit, stretch your imagination and test your ingenuity in unique and innovative ways.
The Guides Axiom by Kevin Bradford LLC on android and iphone

Level 1 : Just tap the brown circle
Level 2 : Place three fingers one the screen, one on each of the circles at the same time
Level 3 : Turn all five circles brown
Level 4 : The circles reveal the letters : INPUT
Level 5 : Tap each circle to reveal a number : 14454
Level 6 : Input a User Code Name and press SUBMIT
Level 7 : Tap to rotate the circles at the top so the white dots match up with the white dots around each circle

Level 8 : Enter the access code from before by inputting the code 14454 in the input box
Level 9 : Tap to change the blue circles to 0 and the beige circles to 1 or Use the binary decoder to turn the binary into letters : INVERTED.
Level 10 : Find the binary decoder in the menu. Then enter the numbers at the top, 01110111 01100001 01101001 01110100, to get the word “wait.” Enter that as the answer.
Level 11 : Look at the lights at the top of the screen. They spell out NODE.
Level 12 : press ACTIVATE, to gain access to the level selector and other levels.

Level 13 : This unlocks after you get the answer for level 9. Invert the numbers so you get: 01110110, 01100101, 01110010, 01110100, 01101001, 01100011, 01100001, 01101100. Answer: VERTICAL
Level 14 : Look at the highlighted letters: P A U S E.
Level 15 : Use the in-game camera to take a screenshot. Then look at the photo. The letters say SAVE.

Level 16 : Notice the highlighted binary code. Enter the numbers 01100101, 01100011, 01101000, 01101111. Answer: ECHO
Level 17 : Copy the pattern you saw in the photo in level 16.
Level 18 : Turn the dots into binary code. So it goes: 1101000, 1101001, 1101110, 1110100. Answer: HINT
Level 19 : Find the letters that have a tiny dot blow them. Put them together to get the answer ‘INTEGRATED’.
Level 20 : Find the capital letters and put them together. Answer: TRIAL

Level 21 : Turn all the circles brown through trial and error
Level 22 : Tap each circle to change the letter to the right of it, until they spell out TRIAL.
Level 23 : Tap the circles to make them spell out the word ERROR.
Level 24 : Turn each circle so the maroon half points towards the center.
Level 25 : Use the in-game camera to take a photo to see some letters highlighted. Answer: LETTERS

Level 26 : turn 613145 into letters = facade
Level 27 : Notice the numbers 19 9 4 5 19. Turn them into letters and you get SIDES.
Level 28 : Count the number of sides on each shape and you get 313854. Translate that into letters and you get CACHED.
Level 29 : Four different Data Schemes, each one consisting of 6 digits.
Level 30 : Put together the four numbers you got from Levels 29, 81, 82, 83 & 84 = 4251

Level 31 : This unlocks after you solve level 13. The binary is vertical: 01100011, 01100001, 01110000, 01101001, 01110100, 01100001, 01101100, 01110011. Answer: CAPITALS
Level 32 : Look at the first letter of each sentence. It spells out SUBTRACT.
Level 33 : Count the lines of dots. You get 12, 26, 10. Subtract 7 from each number and you get 5, 19, 3 or E S C.
Level 34 : Take a photo. The arrow is pointing at the word NUMERALS.
Level 35 : It says IV V III I IV V, which translates to 4 5 3 1 4 5. Turn those into letters and you get D E C A D E.

Level 36 : Count the dots. There are 10, or X in Roman numerals.
Level 37 : The key is X, so it’s XCVI, which is 96. If you enter 96, it will unlock level 96.
Level 38 : This is unlocked from Level 96. You now have a new decoder that can turns numbers into Roman numerals. Use it with 1009 to get MIX.
Level 39 : Take a photo. The buttons will say 04 01 20 01 in some order. Use the numbers to letters decoder: D A T A.
Level 40 : It says ALPHANUMERIC INDEX DATA. Fill in the grid. Answer E M P T Y.

Level 41 : Turn the original pattern into binary. You get: 01110011, 01101000, 01101001, 01100110, 01110100, 01101001, 01101110, 01100111. Answer: SHIFTING
Level 43 : Count the dots in each line. You get 18 15 20 1 20 5. Use the numbers to alphabet decoder to get ROTATE.
Level 44 : The hint is IRXU. Tap the button three times so it says 23 and the letters IRXU on the outer ring. That word is FOUR.
Level 45 : It says QMRYW. You now have a new decoder, which is the Caesar cipher that allows you to shift letters over a certain number. Shift it 4 letters to get MINUS.

Level 46 : Fill in the alphabet and numbers 1 – 0 again. It says, “Minus indicates key value.” If you pull out all the letters with an X on them, you get GIJKV and then a minus sign on number 2.
Use the decoder to shift the letters 2 over to get EGHIT. Scramble them to get EIGHT.
Level 47: It says, “Network Links: 48, 87.” The hint says, “Primary Network Link: 41.” The arrow is showing you the tracker positioning for level 41.
Go back to level 41 and shift it to the lower right corner like below. Turn it into binary numbers and that translates to UVMUWVQK. Shift it 8 over using the decoder and you get MNEMONIC. Enter that in Level 47 to unlock Level 49.
Level 48 : Doesn’t exist?
Level 49 : Currently blank


Look for clues and patterns to build on what you have learned. Remember what you have seen as for no detail is too subtle or insignificant. As you explore deeper, you’ll begin to unravel the enigma of The Guides Axiom.