100 Escapers Level 29 Walkthrough

By | October 27, 2012

Find a secret exit for this stage ! the hint is on the car 😛 100 escapers level 29 walkthrough will help you how to pass 🙂

100 escapers room 29 solution :
go to right and click the box for stone
find a room with girl poster, and where you can see the car
use the stone to break the window
click the white car icon on near arm brake, you will hear a sound

click the car front hood and take a battery and metal pipe
back inside the car then use the pipe to open the right box and get coin

look at the vending machine
put the battery on the right side
insert coin then push the red button
you’ll get 2 keys


go to the door and open the cabinet with key
find a trunk lever in there
back inside the car again, put the trunk lever on the left side near arm brake
then click it, look on the back of the car for a secret door !