100 Escapers Level 30 Walkthrough

By | October 27, 2012

100 escapers level 30 walkthrough will help guide you to create something to open the door !

there’s a code hint to open the wooden box on the clock

here’s the solution answer :
take the rope from the door, between the handle
go to the right and take the poster
open the middle drawer for a sharpener

go to room with clock that show 10:12 (it’s a hint)
take the wood and saw on the table
combine it with the sharpener to make a sharp wood

find a room with chest box
put the code 1012 from the clock
take an axe inside
zoom out and use the axe to the chest box
you’ll get some planks now

use the saw on the bars to get pipe


back to the door
combine sharp wood + pipe + plank + rope + paper + axe
you will get a vehicle ??
use it to break the door open 🙂 to the next stage !