100 Escapers Level 27 Walkthrough

By | October 27, 2012

Find 3 ‘key’ shape to pass this door ! 100 escapers level 27 walkthrough will show you how to make them !

hint : the door is the round iron, on the side there are 3 shape that you need to fit

100 escapers room 27 solution :
go to aroom with table and get :
a lighter
a bottle
3 iron pipes
fire, dig coal to get 3 papers and then combine each stick with paper and use on anvil

on top of wood cabinet get a wind blower
find a hoe on the oven brick

find a room with coal hammer and anvil
use the hoe on the coal 2x
you will get a coal and 3 papers

go to the oven
put the coal on the middle, add a bottle to the coal
then light a fire with lighter, add wind blower to melt the coal

heat all 3 irons on the coal, combine each iron with the paper
now put them on the anvil and you will get a shape for each iron !


use these ‘keys’ on the right shape spot on door
then click to open 🙂