100 Escapers Level 26 Walkthrough

By | October 27, 2012

As usual a safe to open, but it’s not where the key is 😛 help answer is here in 100 escapers level 26 walkthrough for you !

hint : there’s a dog that need to be fed up

100 escapers room 26 solution :
get screwdriver under cabinet
on the left cabinet there’s a dog food in can inside
get shredded paper and glue from the trash
combine the paper and trash
you’ll see a very small number, is that your hint ?

get binoculars above dog, on the white shelf
look for room with table and laptop, zoom in the microscope
Combine the screwdriver with the binoculars to take some part
put it on the microscope

you got the number now : 5489
get a can opener tool
combine the dog food with this tool


now put the food on the dog bowl
the dog will get up, and there’s your key
use it to open the door !