100 Escapers Level 31 Walkthrough

By | October 27, 2012

Find all tools to put them into toolbox ! 100 escapers level 31 walkthrough will guide you where to get them all !

help hint :
there’s a circuit on door left side to fix

100 escapers room 31 solution :
take a nail on the circuit panel

go to the left
and open the cabinet for a part of pliers
under the cabinet get a box
on the floor there’s a toolbox, get it
look behind the sign for saw

find a room with poster
get a brazing tool on the table

look for room with window
zoom in the table leg, there’a wooden one
use saw to cut it, combine the wood with nail to make a screwdriver

now zoom in the table right side
unscrew the screws using screwdriver
combine the screws with box

back to room with poster
use the screwdriver to open the drawer
get another part of pliers and take the wrench too
combine the pliers and use screwdriver to fix


now click the toolbox and put the tool from the left :
nail + pliers + wrench + brazing tool + box of screw
back to the door and use the toolbox to the panel
door will open suddenly ! see you on next stage 32 😀