100 Escapers Level 25 Walkthrough

By | October 16, 2012

Need a hint answer for safe code in room 25 ? then look the solution in 100 escapers level 25 walkthrough here 🙂

step by step guide :
take the ladder on the left side of the door
get these items :
find a plunger inside basket
a screwdriver behind barrel
saw inside drawer

near the tree there’s a box with lock code color
get the hint on the tree : up arrow
which means you must look the color from bottom to top
but what color ?
it’s a leaf color !

don’t miss the leaf on the tree in front of door !
so enter this color code :
red blue yellow blue blue yellow
you’ll get a ball of yarn

place the ladder on the tree
use the saw to get a tree branch by clicking top tree part
combine the plunger with screwdriver to get a stick
combine yarn with tree branch then add the stick


use this combined item on the tree trunk that blocking the door
you can open the door ! see you on stage 26 soon 😀