100 Escapers Level 24 Walkthrough

By | October 16, 2012

Find a chip to open this door, we have the answer hint in 100 escapers level 24 walkthrough to pass this door easily 🙂

here are the solution guide :
go to the table and open left and right drawer for :
iron and wood, rhino statue

look for a big stove, zoom in to take a pan
place the rhino on the pan with combine
then put it on the oven fire to melt it

find a machine, zoom in on top of it to get a paper
combine the paper with iron then place it on the machine
you will get a mold
combine the mold with the pan to get a screwdriver tip
combine it with the wood to make a screwdriver

look under the machine for a panel, uncrew it with screwdriver
after you open it, take a phone inside
use the screwdriver on the phone to get a chip


go to the door and look on the left panel
put the chip on the bottom left area (instruction)
the door will open ! go to 100 escapers level 25 😀

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