How To Get Badge In SSSnaker

By | March 28, 2023

On Day 6 of Newbie Quest you need to get 3 Badge(s) in SSSnaker ! so if you want to know how to get badge in sssnaker ? find out the guide below =)
SSSnaker Slither, snack, shoot! by HABBY on iOS and Android devices

First you need to complete chapter 4-15 of the main game, then as you will see the trial menu unlocked !

Finish the last part of each trials, and you will see the rank or challenge again when you’re finished
but in order to get badges, make sure you reach some high score to get in 1000 rank minimum !

this is the example if you reach under 500 rank badge :

Get 3 Badges from these Novice 1 Trials, by reaching minimum 1000 rank start from :
Trial 1 Tranquil Forest : 1-3 Maw Frenzy
Trial 2 Lava Cave : 2-2 Fire Tornado Cave
Trial 3 Harsh Tundra : 3-3 Frostring Tundra

so my sssnaker tips is to get the best skill for the trial chapter and make sure to find the secret tunnel !


here’s the example if you find the secret tunnel, your snake will see an exclamation (!) and you can enter the tunnel to collect the diamonds
each diamonds will give you +450 points for your score, good luck completing the Newbie Quest Day 6 to get 3 Badges in SSSnaker !