Co-op Multiplayer Guide

By | March 24, 2023

How to play with friends in Co-op Multiplayer Guide ! The long-awaited Local Co-op feature is available on ! First you need to reach LEVEL 10 and you will unlock local co-op, complete a total of 1/4/7/10 stages and unlock bonus rewards! But if you can’t find friends in your local LAN, then play it online with ZeroTier One ! I will give a step by step guide how to play multiplayer in in this post =) on iOS and Android devices

The official rules to play co-op if you having trouble connecting with Local Co-op :
1. Game versions must be identical
2. Both players are connected to the same WiFi or hotspot networks
3. Room host only exist in one network environment (Hotspot and WiFi aren’t turned on at the same time)
4. Check if the game’s (Local Network) permissions are on (Ensure that your mobile device can be accessed in the network)
Room List : No rooms available in current network
Please enter your IP

but now you can play online with friends in local co-op using ZeroTier One :
1. Download ZeroTier One in the appstore or playstore
2. in newtwork ID type in : 12ac4a1e714a4fb4
3. Check the first checkbox to route all connection to ZeroTier One
4. Make sure its no DNS

5. Click ADD button
6. restart the ZeroTier One app, then turn on the connection (press the circle button under setting)
7. open go to Local Co-op (trial menu)
8. Hit REFRESH button, you should find some new friends available to add now
Click JOIN button and start playing together with your friends and complete the progress challenges !


Remember that LAN co-op is in its beta phase now, so you might find it LAGGING a lot if you choose some skills !
have fun guys, and if you need any help just ask below ! i will try my best to help you solve the problem =)