Mainedonty Reverse 1999 Guide

By | November 11, 2023

Mainedonty Reverse 1999 Guide for Thief of The Thieves Guide Reverse: 1999 Event Exhibit Item : Mainedonty ! The committee decides to hire Ramirez as the security contractor of the main hall during the mid-phase of the opening week to protect the Mainedonty, an important exhibit borrowed from the National Gallery.
Now we must be cautious of every eye on the Mainedonty. They could come from Sean … or any thief gang hunting after fame. Here are the answers :

Day 1
Hey, are you here for the Thieffy Sports Meeting ?
A gang of outlaws are invading through the skylight in their self-made inflatable flying exoskeletons, in an attempt to steal the exhibit!
Stop them !
Thank goodness these exoskeletons are not that reliable.
They run away in panic, yet our top priority is to fix the big hole in the ceiling.

[Rating +5]

Daily Affair
An old guard who has worked for your father for many years claims there’s a hugw malfunction in the CCTV.
“I told you, Melania, those new gizmos don’t work!”
– Handle later

Daily Affair
“I promise, this coin definitely bit me!”
A guard asks Ramirez for a compensations because he claims to be bitten by the Mainedonty when carrying it.
Compensate the guard
“I’m sorry. I should have told you about this feature of Sharpodonty’s …” You pay the compensation for the poor human guard’s injury.
He accepts the compensation and boats about it to his friends.
Soon the case holding the biting coin is surrounded by visitors.

[Rating +10]

Day 2
A gentleman in the crowd suddenly falls in front of the glass case.
“Ma’am … Please, my pills are in the left chest pocket …”
Take out the pills for him
Shoot, there are no pills in his pocket. It’s a Shining Flash Ball!
Lock the hall! He’s running away through the skylight with the Mainedonty !

We stop the daring thief at the back door of the hall
Catch him!
The good news is, we have captured him. The bad news is, he is only a copycat of Sean not even worth mentioning.

[Rating +10]

Day 3
“Bad news.” Fiennes stops you, grim-faced.
“I heard the criminals in London have reached an agreement: whoever steals the Mainedonty successfully before Sean does will be the new ‘Star of Crime.'”
“The trouble brought by the mootivated thieves is now inevitable. What’s your plan, Melania ?”
More arcane props!
“That’s Ramirez-y. Given our enemy is an infamy arcanist thief… I think it’s a reasonable expense.” Fiennes approves your procurement list.

Daily Affair
Oh no, there are too many visitors in this hall.
– Handle Later

Daily Affair
Bad news: the puppies visiting the hall have left feces in the flowerbed.
Clean the flowerbed
It has taken you some time, but no one is complaining now.

[Rating +5]

Day 4
Your well-designed arcane trap has been disabled without a trace.
Darn it!
It seems the invader is very familiar with the Ramirez style, but you still find a clue at the scene.

[Rating +10]

Daily Affair
Your shift is over, but the guard for the next shift has not showed up yet.
– Handle Later

Daily Affair
The guards have raised objections to the schedule of the night shift.
“We need no schedule! Everything should be decided by random draws in Ramirez!”
Insist on the schedule
“Gentlemen, Ramirez has changed! What we need is professionalization and systemization!”
The guards can’t help complaining, but a fair division of work is guaranteed.

[Rating +10]

Day 5
Oh no, who made such an inappropriate joke?! The Mainedonty is 5 degree off where it is supposed to be!
… Aha, your trick may fool the cameras, but not the instinct of an arcanist.
There’s an invisible man by the glass case ! Catch him before he gets the Mainedonty!
Protect the exhibit

[Rating +10]


You will get 100/100 A score !