Rusty Lake Paradise Tenth Plague Death of The Firstborn Walkthrough

By | January 18, 2018

Level 10 Rusty Lake Paradise Tenth Plague Death of The Firstborn Walkthrough to help Jakob solve the leech puzzle so he can find her mother’s hidden memories and partake in strange family rituals in order to stop the 10 plagues.
Rusty Lake Paradise game by Rusty Lake

video guide of rusty lake paradise part 10 cheat :

Rusty Lake Paradise Level 10 Solution
go to the forest and get feather from owl
go to left house where you find 2 men
go upstairs and get apple + brush
add feather to the wood
climb up and get a rope

talk to the man with drum and tap him once to start the drum puzzle
you need to tap the side of his hand that more bones are shaking
if it equal just touch the center
get a pointy bone and add it to the feather wood for arrow

go down and give man with bow the arrow
tap the bow 3 times to lift it and tap on his hand + arrow to shoot
go to the right
get the arrow and put apple on his head
now do the same thing to shoot the apple
get the arrow + worm

go back to the owl now go to the right
give worm to the chicken then tap it to get an egg

paint the woman face : green – white – red – white – green
get the candle and go to left house with old woman inside
use candle to lit fire on woods then add egg on pan
get the baby chick

give the chick to the owl
look on the bone and rearrange it into :

now lit up the torch on totem pole by dragging the wing up :
2 on 1st place
1 near owl
1 on left house with 2 men
1 inside the house
1 near woman with chicken
1 in front of the house with old woman
2 on beach
you need to memorize the symbols on each totem

now go to old woman house and rearrange the symbols on totem
then use ruler to get the distance between these symbols :
blood – frog
gnats – fireflies
moon – hail

O = 4
W = 5
L = 10

go to the well on beach and change the letters like the clue
use the rope to go down the well
now spell o w l s

on the rabbit statue puzzle just press the left + right buttons until the circle turn black
get the rabbit mask

on 2nd statue, tap on the order correctly :
1 7 3
3 5 9
6 8 2
get pheasant mask

on deer statue, you need to tap the button on the correct position of the line side :
Right, Left, Right, Left, Left, Right, Right, Right, Right, Right
get deer mask

on pigeon statue you need to turn on the dial like opening a safe
move it :
right 4x, left 3x, right 3x, left 3x, right 1x, left 1x, and right 1x
get pigeon mask

on boar statue you need to make all square black
tap on right button 1x and left button 1x
then add 1 press to the right button for each steps
get boar mask

go up and connect the owl picture on left
get the black cube and go back
back to the rope and follow the story

give rabit mask to man
pheasant mask to woman
pigeon mask to old woman
boar mask to fat man
deer mask to thin man
insert the black cube into the wing box
the end


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