Rusty Lake Paradise The Seventh Plague Hail Walkthrough

By | January 16, 2018

Level 7 Rusty Lake Paradise The Seventh Plague Hail Walkthrough to help Jakob solve the leech puzzle so he can find her mother’s hidden memories and partake in strange family rituals in order to stop the 10 plagues.
Rusty Lake Paradise game by Rusty Lake

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Rusty Lake Paradise Level 7 Solution
tap on right woman
place the rocks under the stump correctly so the crack will hit the stump when she passing by
go back and tap on left ice to see a man
go to the forest and get a scarf
now find a house with snowman on left
solve the ice block puzzle and get a diamond
go upstairs and put the diamond then get the powerful snow globe
use it on the window to get pointy wood
get all strawberries on left

go out and use it to break the pot in forest to get a small rocks
back to the first place and break another pot with snow globe for carrot

find a squirrel on forest and move it under the icicle, then tap it
get the pistachio + squirrel fur
go to left house with pot, break it with snow globe and get 2 buttons
get horns on right skull
go inside the house and place strawberries on left pot
tap the icicle then tap the pot to get a ball
place horn on right then tap ball to get the ice cream
now do the same with pistachio
give the man strawberries + pistachio ice cream for hat

go to beach house and get twig + hammer in the well
back to the 1st place
use pointy wood on the left ice and add the hammer on the crack
give man the squirrel fur for key

back to the house with snowman and use it to left tree for twig
now add all items to the snowman :
twigs + scarf + buttons + carrots + hat + rocks

follow the carrot nose direction and tap on the twig
after the hands pop up you need to follow the rock position
use snow globe to the old lady for diamond

go upstairs and place the globe back then add the diamond
get the mighty snow globe

go to the house on beach and use snow globe to break the house
use key to topen the box inside the house for black cube


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