Rusty Lake Paradise The Eighth Plague Locusts Walkthrough

By | January 17, 2018

Level 8 Rusty Lake Paradise The Eighth Plague Locusts Walkthrough to help Jakob solve the leech puzzle so he can find her mother’s hidden memories and partake in strange family rituals in order to stop the 10 plagues.
Rusty Lake Paradise game by Rusty Lake

video guide of rusty lake paradise part 8 cheat :

Rusty Lake Paradise Level 8 Solution
tap the men on left in correct order :
middle – right – left
right – middle – right
middle – left – right
left – middle – left – middle

now play all the sound from guitar from left – middle – right men
you need to match the tunes on the right box :
I = 5
III = 4
II = 2
get the axe inside and use it to break the planks on door

go to the forest and tap on the locust in correct order
tap the seed a couple of times and you will see a big locust
go to the right and tap on the goat until the big locust come near it
get the goat eyes
move to the left house and get a shovel
give the eyes to the woman
look on her right pupil and memorize the circle positions

go out and match the bug positions into circle
get the firefly
go back to her left eye and memorize the X position
back to the goat skull and dig on the right ground next to the road with shovel

move back and tap on left road where you can find owl
tap the owl until it fly to the beach house way
now go back to the goat – locust left road
you will find the owl on tree
give firefly and tap it a couple of times until big locust come
tap on the nest and get the key
now tap on the right butterfly

back to the box and use key to open it for horn
go to left house and tap on butterfly
go to beach house and give horn to old woman on boat
tap her until the locust moves her
get the black cube and put it in the box on beach house


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