Rusty Lake Paradise The Ninth Plague Darkness Walkthrough

By | January 17, 2018

Level 9 Rusty Lake Paradise The Ninth Plague Darkness Walkthrough to help Jakob solve the leech puzzle so he can find her mother’s hidden memories and partake in strange family rituals in order to stop the 10 plagues.
Rusty Lake Paradise game by Rusty Lake

video guide of rusty lake paradise part 9 cheat :

Rusty Lake Paradise Level 9 Solution
go to left house where people gathered
find some symbols and pose on each of them
go upstairs and change the zodiac direction for each symbols
get the key and use it to open 1st lock
now tap on middle table and match the moon color puzzle
look on right window
tap the moon for blood

go out and tap on the bird on these branch from top to bottom :
2 3 1 4
get bark
go to right and get a red moon stone

go to left house to get a pickaxe
go to beach and tap on the owl for shell
go inside beach house and use pickaxe to break right rock for blue rock
get a moss inside well

back to left house
place moss on the device and get a green powder
place blue rock to get blue powder
place red moon stone to get red powder
place shell to get white powder
place bark to get brown powder

back to house where people gather
put all powder one by one on the fire and see the shadow
go upstairs and change the symbols into the correct zodiac
get silver key and use it to open the 2nd lock
tap on the lever

climb up on the ladder
tap on the telescope
now you need to match the stars with constellations using the sliders
when you’re done use the clue to change the direction for each symbols downstairs
get the golden key

go back outside and tap all the people
go up and climb the ladder
change the position for each shadow using the candle to find the correct zodiac
go back and change the direction for each symbols downstairs
get the copper key

go up and use both keys to open the door
now you need to move the owl to the front using the fire
tap on these fire :
Right, Right, Middle, Right, Right, Right
Middle, Left, Left, Middle, Left, Left, Left, Left
Middle, Right, Right, Right, Middle.

go to the beach and open the box for mother’s bones and crow egg
back to left house and put the bones to get magical powder
go to the fire and pour the magical powder to get black cube
place black cube to the box on beach house


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