100 Escapers Level 1 Walkthrough

By | October 13, 2012

Welcome to 100 escapers level 1 walkthrough ! where we will guide you with this android game answer how to pass the door 🙂
hint :
you need some items combined to press the red button on the aquarium

100 escapers level 1 solution :
find room with dresser, pick up 4 items :
bat on the left
chair on the right
underwear on top
drill inside the 3rd drawer on bottom right

look for room with kitchen and get a knife
then put the chair on the right cabinet
now click above the top right cabinet and get clamp and screwdriver

go to the room with aquarium, zoom in below it
get the drill bit
also use the clamp on the wires to get a wire

back to the kitchen and zoom in the sink
use the screwdriver on the sink to take off the fan
combine the clamp with wire to get a hook
use the hook inside the sink for a nail

go to the aquarium
now combine the knife on the bat for wood
combine wood with drill
combine underwear with knife to get rubberband
use the rubberband to the wood
combine it with fan + hook + nail
you’ll have a torpedo looking item


then use it on the aquarium, press it
it will move to the red button and the door will open 😀