100 Escapers Level 2 Walkthrough

By | October 13, 2012

100 escapers level 2 walkthrough is here ! hint for room 2 solution you must find the missing ball and enter the code on safe !

stage 2 help guide :
find the code in the bucket with water, because it’s upside down.. turn it to read
room 53 : 996169

use it on safe in the wall to get magnifier
use magnifier to burn the rope (near safe where you can see the sunlight)

look on the next room, you will see the paper is rolled down with codes !
count the colored shapes :
7 green oval, 8 red squares, 6 yellow squares, 9 (7 green oval + 2 white diamond)

get the brush on the table
back to the door and use the brush on the mop to find a golden ball !

find a room with TV and open the left drawer with diamond symbol
put the gold ball on the missing spot and zoom in the safe
enter the safe code : 7869
get the key card !


open the door with key card 🙂

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