100 Escapers Level 3 Walkthrough

By | October 13, 2012

Get the 100 Escapers Level 3 Walkthrough here, you’ll find this room 3 with all vampire stuff ! get the right code to open this door
step by step answer :
near the door there’s a coffin, there’s a solution code inside
but for now take a look behind it, and take the hammer

go to room with table and 2 vampire poster
get a wire on the wall and a magnet inside table drawer

find a room with coffin and table
get the pliers from the table
use the hammer to break the coffin’s lock
using the pliers get a tooth from the skeleton

look for a room with 3 pile of coffins
combine pliers with wire to make a hook
zoom in on the dark area between coffins
use the hook to get ball of yarn

combine 2 items :
combine tooth with yarn
combine magnet with yarn

back to room with 2 dracula poster
there’s a hole on the floor (under right poster)
zoom in and use the tooth + yarn to unscrew
next use magnet + yarn to get a lighter


back to the coffin near door
zoom in the cross and use the lighter for door code
94 317
there’s 1 number painted black, you must try all the numbers to reveal the missing one
the code is 946317
open the door and step in to next level !

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