100 Escapers Level 4 Walkthrough

By | October 13, 2012

The door is locked with planks ! Find a telescope to read the hint above the door ! We will help you with 100 escapers level 4 walkthrough !

here are the solution step by step :
look into bedroom and find a grey pillow, zoom in and get a part of telescope

find a room with desk
zoom on the left side and get another part for telescope
on the right part there’s a tripod for telescope
find 2 items on desk : screwdriver and protractor

back to door and get a glasses above the door knob
use the screwdriver to get a lens from the glasses

combine 2 telescope parts
then add the lens to telescope
combine them with tripod
then add protractor

go to room with window and put the telescope in front of the window
using the coordinate hint, we’ll have the answer :
165 SW – 3 birds
133 SW – 6 pyramids
67 SE – 4 cows
24 SE – 8 plane


back to desk, open the cabinet on the right with screwdriver
enter the safe code : 3648
you have a secret door open by now 🙂