100 Escapers Level 5 Walkthrough

By | October 13, 2012

Fix the hidden wire to open door 5 ! read the help solution in 100 escapers level 5 walkthrough

answer for room 5 :
on room with door get a wire and hammer
find a room with table and get a drill

go to room with window and find a paper with round shape on the right
zoom in the pipe and pick the scissors on the window

move to room with brick on the wall
get a wood on the table

combine paper with scissors to make a right shape
now combine it with wood
to make the wood into a new shape, combine it with drill

go back to room with window, zoom in the pipe
and place the wood on the pipe
you should hear a sound !

back again to room with brick
use the hammer on the brick to break
now use the wire to connect each pipe together


back to the door and you can open it by now 😀
good luck

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