100 Escapers Level 6 Walkthrough

By | October 13, 2012

There’s a tricky part for this stage, see the answer in 100 Escapers Level 6 Walkthrough

room 6 solution :
fix the wire near the door to pass this level !
first zoom in and get a stick between the cabinet and chair

go right to see a bookshelf
open the right and left cabinet to get a hammer and juicer
watch the left picture for your hint later, see the building height
up 1, top, bottom, up 2, up 1

go to room with window
get some lemon from the plant
zoom the heater for bowl and gum

go to room with desk
take the vase on the table
open the right drawer with the code from the picture
use the hammer to press each lever button
get a tube inside, also there’s a hint for item that you must create

combine items !
combine juicer with bowl
use the lemon with juicer to get a lemon juice

combine vase + tube + stick
then add the lemon juice
also add the gum


use it to connect the wire on the door
you’ll have the door open by now 🙂