100 Escapers Level 7 Walkthrough

By | October 13, 2012

Read 100 escapers level 7 walkthrough to solve this room and pass it without any trouble !

hint :
create a key to pass door on this stage, the mold is the one with rope 🙂

100 escapers room 7 solution :
go to the room with rope, open the chest for battery

find a room with chess on the table
there’s a wrong color squares, remember the steps code : b7 | c2 | f4
click under the couch on right to get a white block
this is the key to put on the mold later 😀

go to the panel and enter the code from chess board and press square button
there are up and down arrow
you will use this to move the mold rope

open the panel and put the battery inside to connect with wire
now back and press up button

go to the mold and the stone will lift up by now
put the white block into the key mold


go back to the panel and press down button
then press up button again
take your key from the mold and use it to open door 7 !

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