100 Escapers Level 8 Walkthrough

By | October 13, 2012

Fix the door button and find a code to open door, we’ll guide you on 100 escapers level 8 walkthrough ! where you can find the step by step answer easily 🙂

solution for stage 8 :
go to the room with fridge and oven
open the fridge and get a plastic bag
click under the stove to get a hammer

go to room with table and chemical glass
open the middle drawer for pliers
and get glass with white powder from one of the glasses

go to room with bookshelf
and click the bottom book to get a book with code : 386 439
combine the book with glass with white powder then combine with hammer
you’ll have a fire paper now

back to the stove
put the fire paper under the pot to light up a fire
then put the plastic bag on the pot
go back 1 step to see the plastic bag fly up

now zoom in the pot again to see the wall peel off
use the pliers to open and see 2 wire unconnected
connect them with pliers


back to the door and use the red button
now enter the code from the book : 386439