100 Escapers Level 9 Walkthrough

By | October 15, 2012

Fix the key remote chain to open the door ! Read 100 escapers level 9 walkthrough 🙂 even though it’s quite long step we will help you step by step !

hint :
find some items and chips to put into the remote

100 escapers room 9 solution :
go to the windows and zoom in the plant left side
get a screwdriver

find a room with tv
get remote tv and knife on the left bookshelf

find a room with white sofa
click the left bookshelf to find a paper with code color
click the bottom right cabinet and use knife to open the wood
get a brazing tool

go back to tv
click the tv and use the screwdriver to open the bottom right side
using brazing tool take some chips
you will have 7 chips inside inventory

go back to white sofa, this time zoom in the table
get a cover for the key chain remote
and click the key to see the remote
put the right chip with the paper code
– orange chip on the left
– long green chip on the right
– purple chip (2 small circle horizontal) on the bottom


you’ll have the key if you put them right
combine tv remote and screwdriver to get a red plastic
combine the red plastic with the cover
add the cover for key chain remote
use it to open door 9 !