100 Escapers Level 10 Walkthrough

By | October 15, 2012

The master need drink ? on 100 Escapers Level 10 Walkthrough you will learn that you must put drink on the hole to open the door !

we make the solution easier with some picture help :
take a top mixer on the bottle on the left bar (where you can see door and bar)
the take a glass on the left shelf (where you can see bar and some bottles)
zoom in the bar and get a knife
also put the glass to the salt on the cup

time for the bottle puzzle, you must look on the top right picture for hint code
here’s the color you must make from the bottles :

for easier just click the bottles with these clicks :
2x 3x 1x 14x 6x 5x
7x 4x 2x 1x 3x 3x
4x 2x 3x 14x 5x 2x
you should have this picture and get 2 bottles of alcohol in your inventory

now go to the windows and take a fruit juicer near the table

look for a refrigerator
then take a lime on table and ice from fridge

time to combine items to make a drink 🙂
combine knife and lime
combine knife and ice
combine lime and juicer
add 2 bottles of alcohol to glass
add ice to glass
combine top mixer and the glass
add lime on the glass


now put the drink on the door hole, then click for next stage !