100 Escapers Level 11 Walkthrough

By | October 15, 2012

Block the security camera vision so you can pass this door 11 ! 100 escapers level 11 walkthrough provide you the help guide how to cover each camera 🙂

hint :
there are 3 cameras, 2 on wall and 1 mini camera under desk

here’s the step by step answer :
get the axe near fire extinguisher

go to the room with chart on the wall, get a roll of tape and paper bag on the table
go to the window and take a blue cloth
go to the room with whiteboard, take a cutter and piece of paper on table

look inside the cabinet and use axe to open box
there’s a string, cut it with cutter
combine the string with paper bag
combine tape with paper

put the blue cloth on the 1st camera

back to the room with red chart
look under the desk and use the paper on the mini camera

on window security camera use the paper bag


open the door for stage 12 !