100 Escapers Level 12 Walkthrough

By | October 15, 2012

This 100 escapers level 12 walkthrough will give you the answer how to escape from this “room” !

solution hint :
discover some items and create them into parachute, because you’re on plane ! jump and you’re free 😀

help guide to pass this stage 12 :
get a dresses from left and go to right
get a door wheel from the red net seat

look for a door without handle
use the door wheel on it, and open the door
look outside and get the red blue magnet

using the magnet back to red net seat and use it on the haystack
you’ll find a needle

find a room with table
take a bag, right side near table
from table get rings and thread

go to sewing machine, and get a knife on left side
use knife to cut ropes on the top left side near door that you open


back to the sewing machine
combine thread and needle then put it on sewing machine
use the knife to the dresses twice to make a cloth
combine rings with cloth then add the rope
use it on sewing machine to make a parachute
combine it with backpack and done !
go to open door and jump outside to the next stage 😀