100 Escapers Level 19 Walkthrough

By | October 16, 2012

Get the safe code for magnet to pick the key ! The solution for 100 escapers level 19 walkthrough is quite simple, just find some hint then you can crack the code

the puzzle code is 5612

wonder why ? see the stage guide here :
first pick up a plunger near the toilet
look for the gloves and screwdriver around the plant on the floor
go to the toilet and use the gloves to get a ball of yarn on the water

look for a table and open drawer for shovel head
use the screwdriver to get the wood out from the plunger
combine the wood and shovel head
under the table there’s a code : 5 + 7

look for window and use the shovel on the plant to get a paper with code :
2 + 2 * 2

on the windowsill there’s another code :
2 < 3 < 4 < 5 on top left wall near left curtain there's a code : square-hint
2 square block + 3 square block

using all the codes you will have :
the order from 2<3<4<5 2 square + 3 square = 5 2+2*2 = 6 5+7 = 12 so you have 5612 ! use this code on safe, get the magnet inside combine magnet + ball of yarn magnet-yarn
go to the door and look on the floor, zoom in and use the magnet to get key


open door with this key 😀