100 Escapers Level 20 Walkthrough

By | October 16, 2012

For 100 escape level 20 walkthrough you will find to open the door and pass it you must light the room with fire !

help solution guide for this stage :
find a room with book and statue ?
get a torch from statue hand and light it with fire from torch on wall
get the book and combine with torch to get a knife
combine the knife with torch to make it hot

go to room with 2 lion head
use the hot knife to open the bottom part
you will get iron, chemical barrel and pliers
under the right lion head there’s a square that blocking the path
use the pliers to remove it

go to the room with curtains, use torch to burn it
there’s a gap on the left path
use iron with torch and then combine it with knife to cut it
put the iron on the gap

back to the room with books, under the book there’s also a gap
place the iron there to connect the gap

go to door and put the chemical barrel on the holder right side next to door
use the torch to make a fire


you solve this stage ! go to next door 🙂 100 escapers level 21