100 Escapers Level 21 Walkthrough

By | October 16, 2012

Blow up the hot air balloon to get a door code ! We share the answer in 100 escapers level 21 walkthrough here !

the solution code for this stage is : 142788
here’s the help guide how to get this code :
get a lockpicking tool from above the door code (zoom in)
go to where the room with safe
take a glasses from the cabinet

look for window and use the lockpicking tool to open the lock
using the glasses you can see the code on the window : 5689
use the code to open safe, you’ll get a pliers inside
use the pliers to take a thorn from porcupine on the window

go to room with bed and zoom the table
take an empty pen casing from there
combine it with the thorn

now use it on the balloon above the bed
the basket will drop and you can see the code inside it : 142788


open the door with this puzzle code and go to 100 escapers level 22