100 Escapers Level 22 Walkthrough Solution

By | October 16, 2012

In 100 escapers level 22 walkthrough we will guide you where to find the key to open door 22 ! it’s not in the safe if you want a hint, it’s on the hot coals 😛

help solution for the sauna room :
find a drill on one of the room, you can’t use it yet because no power
get a bucket on the room with window
get a knife from the wall on room with safe box

go to door, heat the knife on the coals
use the hot knife on the grey block on door
get a battery pack and combine it with drill
now you have power for drill, use it on wood part of the door (top)

you’ll get a piece of paper with numbers : 914567
enter the code to safe box and you’ll get a knob

on the left there’s a white faucet, zoom in
place the knob on the faucet
then use the bucket on the faucet to fill with water

back to the door and use water on the coals
click the coals and you’ll get a key !


use the key to unlock the door 🙂