Adventure Escape Mysteries The Sultan’s Inventor Walkthrough

By | October 23, 2021

Full Chapter 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Solutions of Adventure Escape Mysteries The Sultan’s Inventor Walkthrough – In a royal Arabian palace, the brilliant inventor Zara is accused of murdering the Sultan. Will she be clever enough to escape the dungeon and track down the real killer?
Room Escape game answer Adventure Escape Mysteries : The Sultan’s Inventor by Haiku Games

video guide AE Mysteries The Sultan’s Inventor Full Game Chapter cheats how to solve each puzzle & code :

here’s the story for each chapter :
The time has come for Royal inventor Zara and Sultan Omar to part ways. Will Zara’s tenure in Yangara end on a high note ? or will her final exhibition fall flat ?

The Sultan’s Inventor Chapter 2 :
Facing the consequences of a crime she did not commit, Zara must use her wit and aid from a mysterious stranger to break free and discover the truth.

The Sultan’s Inventor Chapter 3 :
Who is helping her, and why? Zara must stealthily navigate the royal gardens to come face to face with her rescuer.

The Sultan’s Inventor Chapter 4 :
Zara returns to her workshop to figure out what went wrong with her automaton. She gets some unexpected help from Yangra’s youngest detective.

The Sultan’s Inventor Chapter 5 :

The Sultan’s Inventor Chapter 6 :
The abandoned palace of long dead sultans holds many secrets. Will its self-appointed guardian give Zara the one she seeks ?

The Sultan’s Inventor Chapter 7 :


The Sultan’s Inventor Chapter 8 :
Vizier Jamal is about to be executed for a crime he did not commit. Will Zara and Cyrus find a way to save him and stop Princess Amira from taking the throne ? Time is running out !