Rusty Lake Paradise The Second Plague Frogs Walkthrough

By | January 12, 2018

Level 2 Rusty Lake Paradise The Second Plague Frogs Walkthrough to help Jakob solve the leech puzzle so he can find her mother’s hidden memories and partake in strange family rituals in order to stop the 10 plagues.
Rusty Lake Paradise game by Rusty Lake

video guide of rusty lake paradise part 2 cheat :

Rusty Lake Paradise Level 2 Solution
play 4 frog jumping puzzle on right to get the frog
move forward and tap man on left, he want some food for key
go to right and tap all eggs on the bowl in order to get 2nd frog

go forward to the house and get the candle + bowl
go out to the right and get the woods
move into the house for belt
tap the right cabinet and connect the pattern to get frog flute

back to the girl with frog on her head
give her the flute
now play the pattern from frog using the fluter
get the frog

go back to outside
tap on left man and give him a belt
tap his mouth to get another frog

go to the house and talk to old woman
she will need 4 frogs
place woods + candle under the cauldron
then place all 4 frogs in it
use the bowl to get a frog soup

now give the man in the forest this bowl to feed him and get the key
back to the house and use key to open the chest for black cube
put the cube on the wings and finish level 2


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